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Olivia D Hinds
Creative Educator

Creatively educating on all things gratitude, grace and growth. Together, we learn, share and evolve!

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Guest speaker appearance on Schools and Academies Show podcast
"Hazel [Education Correspondent, BBC News] did a voice report for radio news bulletins and used your quote about people who haven't sat an exam for 40 years. My husband who works in IT and isn't really an education person at all heard that quote and said it really hit home and made him think. It is such a good way of explaining the issue and I hope it made others think too."
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A.I. Prompt Engineering LIVE DEMO - Olivia D Hinds - Guest speaker on LinkedIn Live June 2024 - Onevma Limited
You and a colleague can find out how to use A.I. prompt engineering to create and be more efficient. Schedule your session with Olivia for  a live demo. Let's solve your problem, productively.

Olivia personifies what we, as a company, try to do in the sector - she is passionate!


Olivia is a totally inspiring and captivating speaker. She attended our governance conference in June '23 and spoke about her transformation from graduate to governor and the work she is doing to broaden awareness and understanding of governance with the Governors' Podcast. Olivia personifies what we , as a company try to do in the sector - she is passionate - brings a real world perspective to what she does and carries anyone who listens along with her. Very glad to be connected with her and hope we work together lots in future.


Olivia D Hinds is a Creative Educator dedicated to inspiring personal and professional growth. With an inquisitive nature, Olivia continually seeks new learning avenues and leverages AI prompt engineering to enhance life experiences. Her expertise spans education governance, branding, marketing, and social media content creation. Olivia is passionate about sharing knowledge and fostering a culture of empowerment. Through her innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, she strives to make a meaningful impact on the world around her.

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